Hand-Held Plastic Enclosures w/ EMI/ RFI Shielding 1599RFI Series

Molded w/ Conductive Plastic


  • Designed for EMI/RFI shielding applications - using conductive plastic (a compound of plastic and stainless steel fibers). 
  • Attractively styled and ergonomically designed for use as a handheld instrument enclosure.
  • Molded from a compound of stainless steel fibers and flame retardant ABS plastic (material carries a UL flammability rating of 94V-0).
  • Lap joint construction provides protection against dust accumulation and splashing water.
  • Extra deep top and ultra shallow base are specifically designed to enhance the aesthetics of the enclosure and provide the user with flexibility and assembly efficiency.
  • Designed to meet IP54.
  • NOTE: Material is brittle - acts like phenolic - NOT FOR HIGH IMPACT USE.
  • Lid is secured with Philips machine screws, threaded into tapped integral brass bushings. Perfect for applications with repetitive assembly and disassembly are required.
  • For non-shielded applications, try series 1599
  • 50 pack of optional PC board screws (#4 x 1/4" Self-Tapping), part number 1593ATS50


  • Conductive plastic is NOT an insulator - these enclosures must be treated like a metal enclosure.
  • Conductive plastic will act as a heating element - any significant current flow will cause the plastic to heat and produce smoke.

Part Numbers

Part Number Color Battery Door Length Width Depth Extra Assembly Screws
1599RFIBBK Black No 5.12 2.56 0.97 1594MS100
1599RFIBBKBAT Black Yes 5.12 2.56 0.97 1594MS100
1599RFIEBK Black No 6.70 3.35 1.33 1591MS100
1599RFIEBKBAT Black Yes 6.70 3.35 1.33 1591MS100
1599RFIHBK Black No 8.66 4.33 1.73 1591MS100
1599RFIHBKBAT Black Yes 8.66 4.33 1.73 1591MS100
1599RFIKBK Black No 8.66 5.50 1.60 1591MS100
1599RFIKBKBAT Black Yes 8.66 5.50 1.60 1591MS100

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