ABS Plastic Project Enclosures RL Series

Deep Lid

Key Features:

  • Designed to house P.C. boards for hand-held use.
  • Molded in light grey or black general purpose ABS plastic with a light texture (material carries a UL flammability rating of UL94 HB).
  • Two-part, snap action clam shell construction. Both halves include smooth recessed area for membrane, label or silkscreen.
  • P.C. board standoffs are molded into both halves of the enclosure  (see photo tables for details). Four short M3 screws included.
  • P.C. board guides molded into top half.
  • Designed to meet IP54.
  • Includes four M3 assembly screws.

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Bottom View

Top View
Part Number Color Length Width Depth (Assembled)
RL6015BK Black 4.09 2.56 1.57
RL6015 Grey 4.09 2.56 1.57
RL6035BK Black 5.67 2.56 1.57
RL6035 Grey 5.67 2.56 1.57
RL6055BK Black 7.01 4.13 1.57
RL6055 Grey 7.01 4.13 1.57
RL6065BK Black 8.07 4.13 1.57
RL6065 Grey 8.07 4.13 1.57

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