Radiola Replacement Transformer 118944 Series

In response to requests from RCA Radiola III-A collectors we developed a replacement audio transformer about 20 years ago. The original transformers are usually found with "open" windings due to the fine wire and high turns used, coupled with age. These replacement units were originally sold through the AWA (The Antique Wireless Association). We resurrected the design & are now offering them once again to collectors.


  • This is a universal replacement type - it will replace ANY of the 3 audio transformers used (1st audio driver, second audio - phase splitter stage or output transformer), by correctly connecting the 5 lugs. A pin out and connection diagram is included.
  • The cases from the old transformer will fit this new unit perfectly.
  • The terminal board (included as shown above) is a duplicate of the original.
  • Primary: 4,000 turns, #41 wire (lugs 4 & 2)
  • Secondary: 12,000 turns C.T., #41 wire (lugs 5 & 1, lug 3 is C.T. connection)
  • Termination: Solder lugs on a 1 3/4" x 1" terminal board with 4 - 5" connecting leads
  • Mounting: uses existing case.
  • Cost: under $50.00 USD!
Part No. Overall Dimensions Lamination Core Size Weight
Height Width Depth (Lbs)
118944 1.88 1.69 1.38 0.62 0.50 0.44

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