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Heathed Cathode - Ricardo Pastor

From Ricardo:

I’m Ricardo Pastor from Spain, I have built a little 3W Stereo Tube Amp for Home
As you can see in my web for this project
For this purpose I have used:

Output transformer (2): 125BSE

Power transformer: 370DAX

Chassis: 1441-16BK3

Andriy Lomako

Kennedy JR-15 Guitar Amplifier

Just found that you have a gallery with images of the designs done with your products. My PAROVOZ SV811-10 transformer coupled power amplifier may have the largest count of your wound products, they are:

Power Supply

Plate: 714
Plate chokes: 2x 193G
Driver power:270CAX
Driver filter choke: 157J
Bias and safety power: 263AX
Driver heater: 166J6
5AR4 heater: 167N6
Grid bias filter choke: 155C
Total for power supply: Nine wound components

Amplifier Unit

Output: 2x 1629SE
Driver: 2x 126B
SV811-10 heater power: 2x 167N6
Driver 2nd filter choke: 2x 156G
SV811-10 heater rectifier choke: 4x 156B
Total for amplifier: Twelve wound components

Total for design: Twenty One HAMMOND wound components.

Tubes are: 1x 5AR4, 2x 5C4S, 1x SG2S, 2x 6S45P, 2x SV811-10.

I like the sound very much, thank you for staying in this business!

Blair (VE3ZBM)

Single-ended stereo triode amp

Power Transformer: 302AX

Choke: 193J

Output Transformer: 1627SEA

Tubes: (1) RCA 5R4GY, (2) Sylvania 6SL7GT, and (2) 2A3 or 300B

Swampdonkey Engine9 Guitar Amplifier -

Submitted by: Chris Czech

273X plate transformer
1645A output transformer

Heathkit Mohawk RX-1

Submitted by: John Treichler, KJ6SAV

272JX used as replacement power transformer

Gates Executive Audio Console Rebuild

Submitted by: Jerry Whitaker

According to Jerry:
This project is a rebuild of the Gates Executive Stereo Audio Console. Manufactured in the late 1960s through 1970s, the Executive was the largest console of its type offered for sale by Gates Radio, a major broadcast equipment supplier of the time. In order to bring the console back to useful service, it was necessary to remanufacture many of the circuit boards. I selected the Hammond 560 series of broadcast transformers. Two of the new boards (one with a 560C and the other with a 560G) are shown in the attached photo. The main card cage for the console includes 11 of these boards, as shown in an attached photo. I have had very good luck with the 560 series of transformers. They perform very well. I will be using them for other projects going forward.

120W Stereo Amplifier and Power Supply

Kennedy JR-15 Guitar Amplifier

Amplifier Chassis

Output Transformer: (2) 1650PP

Filament Transformer: 167T6 and 166E36

Power Supply Chassis

Plate Transformer: 720

Filter Choke: 193M

Filament Transformer: 166M2

Both Using Hammond Chassis!

Submitted By: Linda Parker

Coley Audio

Kennedy JR-15 Guitar Amplifier

25W Mono Block Amplifier

Output Transformer: 1630SEA

Power Transformer: 278X

AND a Hammond Chassis!

Submitted By: Craig J Coley.

Coley Audio

Kennedy JR-15 Guitar Amplifier

18W Stereo Amplifier

Output Transformer: 1628SEA

Power Transformer: 278CX

Filter Choke:  193J

AND a Hammond Chassis With Walnut Sides!

Submitted By: Craig J Coley.

Kennedy JR-15 Guitar Amplifier

Kennedy JR-15 Guitar AmplifierKennedy JR-15 Guitar Amplifier

18W Stereo Amplifier

Output Transformer: 1650E

Power Transformer: 270DAX

AND a Hammond Chassis !

Submitted By: John Kennedy

Web Site:

Check out the video on YouTube

40 Watt - Stereo Amplifier

40 Watt - Stereo Amplifier

Output Transformers (2):1650HA

Power Transformer: 300BX

Filter Choke: 193L

Filament Transformer: 167Q6

Submitted By:
Jerry Whitaker

Popular military surplus AN/ART-13 and Navy ATC transmitter power supply project.

(This project was published in Electric Radio magazine, issue no. 257)

Popular military surplus AN/ART-13 and Navy ATC transmitter power supply project.

Power Transformers: 278CX272JX

Filter Choke: 193L

Filament Transformer: 167U20 or 165V22

Submitted By:
Doran "Jeep" Platt, K3HVG

Modified: 1930 - 1940 Bell & Howell Filmosound Movie Projector Amplifier
In a blimp case (with a touch of steampunk)

Ten Cigars Guitar Amp

Power Transformer: 302AX

Submitted By:
Darren - Ten Cigars Guitar Co.

Homebrew 6L6 Transmitter & Power Supply

K5ZBY - 6L6 Transmitter

Power Transformer: 273BX

Filter Choke: 159P

Hammond Chassis too!

Submitted By:
Terry - K5ZBY

National HRO-50T1 Receiver


Power Transformer: 270HX

Audio Push-Pull Output: 1609

Submitted By:
Steve - KJ8CQ

Dentron Clipperton-L Amplifier


Filament Transformer: 166J6

Submitted By:
Ray - W2XC

Link to: Hum Elimination Modification