Classic News Archive

December 2011
New high power (almost 1KVA)  379WX power transformer.

May 2010
Wood sided chassis added to line (aluminum & steel).

January 2010
Twelve NEW higher power plate/filament transformers

July 2008
Our NEW Transformer & Inductors catalog (5C-08) is now available

August 2005
Single - Ended tube output transformers - Two NEW impedances added & all models improved performance - "1627-1642" series

August 2005
7 sizes of universal primary, economical, open frame, plate & filament transformers - "260" series

July 2005
22 NEW sizes added to our "300" series of universal power transformers.

March 2004
Single ended "universal" output transformer series our popular 125SE series  has two NEW additions (20 & 25 watt), optimized for single ended tube output circuits.

March 2002
Constant Voltage Isolation Transformers, worried about voltage regulation? Repair it at the source and regulate/clean/isolate your supply (line) voltage!

March 2002
Line Isolation & Autotransformers, safely run equipment almost anywhere in the world! Great for the bench & check out our slight step down units to keep the stress off those older 110VAC receivers.

March 2002
RCA Radiola III-A replacement audio transformer

November 2001
Single ended "universal" output transformer series (3 - 15 watts). Our popular 125 series has a NEW addition, optimized for single ended tube output circuits - the 125SE series

December 2000
5 watt tube driver transformers, 124 series - we have already added 3 parts since their introduction in 2000

High power, high impedance, single ended output transformer added to our line - our 75 watt, P/N 1642SE.

Our "300" series power transformer specs.  Our "300" series universal primary - Plate/Filament power transformers operates anywhere in the world.

Part Number 119DA our response to requests from the "Collins Collectors Association" (an audio matching, 600 ohm to 4/8 ohm, transformer)

In the early 1980's we also produced Hammond R.F. linear amplifiers for Amateur (Ham) Radio use. Naturally tube type, built for continuous duty, powered by Hammond "iron" & housed in Hammond enclosures. We stopped production over 30 years ago. Even now folks are still asking about them (many are still in active use today). Two versions of two different models were produced:
  • The HL-2000 (later became the HL-2000A) using two 3-500Z tubes.
  • The HL-1000 (later became the HL-1000A) using a single 3-500Z tube - designed to be a lighter & more economical version of the more powerful HL-2000A.

Along with this series of R.F. amplifiers in the 1980's, were R.F. accessories:
  • High power antenna tuners - the AT-1500
  • 2,000 watt low pass R.F. filters HF-1000LP

In the 1960's we sporadically offered the HL-500 , HL-700 and HL-750 linear amplifiers too. They used quad 811-A output tubes. Not only using Hammond "iron", RF chokes and enclosures BUT also using our then available, air variable condensers (PDF - 239K). Very little data on these amplifier models has survived.

In the late 1930's we designed audio amplifiers using our transformers & enclosures. Thanks to Bill Crowther (of Winfield, B.C.) for locating these schematics & sending them to us. Interesting to see a note on the 1247 & 1245 diagrams regarding 25 or 60 cycle power use!

We also made audio amplifiers & battery eliminators (again combining our enclosure & transformer skills) in the 1920's! Check out a few pages from the fascinating Aikenhead's Radio Catalog (1929-1930) (PDF file 934K) - an early Toronto, Ontario distributor of our products.