Current Transformer Small Current CT5 Series


  • Designed for a 5 amp. primary (maximum 20 Amp), secondary current 5 ma.
  • 40 - 1,000 Hz. operation.
  • Customer to supply primary winding (1 turn through open top of transformer bobbin).
  • Two hole chassis mount or P.C. board pin mount.
  • Both units have 5 ma. secondary for use with standard AC ammeters with 5 ma.movements.
  • High accuracy windings (1%)

Application Data

To obtain current measurement:

  1. Pass the wire carrying the current to be measured through the window of the CT transformer (acting as a primary winding).
  2. Connect the CT secondary to an ammeter with a 5 mA movement.
Part No. Current Ratio Overall Dimensions Mounting Ship Wt.
Style Pri. / Sec. H D W Hole oz.
CT5CF Chassis Mount 1000:1 1.25 1.10 2.06 0.19 2.6
CT5PC PC Board Mount 1000:1 1.40 1.08 1.03 n/a 1.8

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