Isolation - Step Down (115VAC to 95VAC) 179 Series

Plug In - "Classic" equipment or Japanese


  • Primary 115VAC, 50/60 Hz., Secondary 95VAC.
  • Provides circuit isolation.
  • Electrostatic shield between primary & secondary.
  • World wide applications, 50 or 60 Hz. operation, step down (115VAC to 95 VAC).
  • Designed mainly for Japanese equipment in North America.
  • Perfect for operating "Classic" equipment that can not tolerate todays higher line voltages (ie..125 VAC input will produce a stress free 105 VAC output at full load PLUS isolation and shielding).
  • Standard 3-wire, grounded plug (can also be used with adaptors for proper grounding).
  • Input (primary) connected to a 5 foot long cord and standard North American plug (NEMA 5-15P)
  • Output (secondary) connected to two standard - 3 wire grounded receptacles.
  • Features include ventilated black steel case, rocker lighted on-off switch & fuse protected output.
  • Indoor use only.
  • Remember - These units do NOT convert line frequency
  • This series has been discontinued and is available only as long as stock lasts. At this time there is no replacement however parts can be ordered as a custom. Contact Hammond customer service for a quote.


Gallery Image

Part No. Capacity Outlet Overall Dimensions
VA Qty A B C
179E 750 2 7.00 8.25 5.38
179F 1000 2 7.00 9.75 5.38
179G 1500 2 8.50 9.00 6.75

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