Isolation - Step Down (240VAC to 120VAC) 289 Series



  • Primary 240VAC, 50/60 Hz., Secondary 120VAC.
  • Provides circuit isolation.
  • Toroidal transformer for high isolation, low noise, light weight, cool operation and low profile.
  • World wide applications, 50 or 60 Hz. operation, step down (240VAC to 120 VAC).
  • Standard 3-wire, grounded plug (for use with adaptors for proper grounding).
  • Input (primary) connected to a 5 foot long cord & standard 250V 2 pole, 3 wire - North American plug (NEMA 6-15P).
  • Output (secondary) connected to two standard - 3 wire grounded receptacles (NEMA 5-15R).
  • Features include ventilated black steel case, rocker lighted on-off switch & circuit breaker protected output.
  • North American Mark of Safety - C UL & UL listed (File #E211544).
  • Indoor use only.
  • Remember - These units do NOT convert line frequency.
  • Note about Inrush Current: 
    Due to the superior magnetic properties of Toroidal transformers they will be susceptible to high magnetizing current when initially energized, only limited by the low DC resistance of the primary winding. Depending on where you are in the AC cycle when the transformer is energized dictates the chances of overloading the supply circuit. This is why the transformer may sometimes energize without a problem and other times it will blow the fuse or trip the circuit breaker. The duration of this overload is rarely longer than a half of a cycle. Therefore, you should consider using a slow-blow fuse, time delayed circuit breaker or other form of soft start circuitry for the supply line when using these high efficient Toroidal transformers.


Part No. Capacity # of Dimensions
(VA) Outlets Width Height Length
289CT 250 2 6.00 4.00 8.25
289DT 500 2 6.00 4.00 9.00
289ET 750 2 7.50 5.00 10.25
289FT 1000 2 7.50 5.00 10.25
289GT 1500 2 9.00 5.00 12.50

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