Mod-of-the-Month (September 2012)

September 17, 2012 in Rack Mounting Solutions

As communities upgrade their public transit fleet many are adding in WIFI streaming services. This month we are featuring an enclosure designed to house network equipment mounted within buses.

The Scope:
Quite simply, the customer wanted to mount an access point and other equipment within a cabinet.

Base Product:
The initial product chosen for this product was our RCHLB193UBK1

Hammond offers five (5) main modification services. These include:

  • Special Powder Coat Painting - Standards, RAL and custom colour options
  • Holes & Cut-outs - Knockouts, Punches, Precision Laser Cutting
  • Mounting - Tapped Holes, Mounting Studs, Grounding & Bonding Studs as well as PEM Studs & Nuts
  • Construction Changes - Changes to the Height, Width and/or Depth of the product
  • Accessories - We can add windowed areas. In addition, we can assemble your entire solution with shelves, climate control and other accessories.

This month, our Mod-of-the-Month included the following modifications services:

  • Special Powder Coat Painting - Painted in a standard rugged black powder paint.
  • Holes & Cut-outs
  • Mounting
  • Construction Changes - The overall dimensions were modified to accommodate the mounting position within the vehicle. 
  • Accessories - To aid maintenance and installation of network equipment, special sliding shelf were mounted within the cabinet. For added security, a locking door was added to the assembly.


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