Mod-of-the-Month (December 2012)

December 10, 2012 in Rack Mounting Solutions

Mod-of-the-Month (December 2012)


This month we are showcasing a PDU adapter for an open frame rack.

The Scope:

About two years ago we had this request and recently we updated it for a prospect. The request came in for a bracket that could mount a PDU off the back of a 2-Post Open Frame Rack. We gave it the ability to be extended from eight (8) to sixteen (16) inches in depth.

Base Product:

The initial product chosen for this product was from our VCTPDU Series and RASA Series.

Hammond offers five (5) main modification services. These include:

  • Special Powder Coat Painting - Standards, RAL and custom colour options
  • Holes & Cut-outs - Knockouts, Punches, Precision Laser Cutting
  • Mounting - Tapped Holes, Mounting Studs, Grounding & Bonding Studs as well as PEM Studs & Nuts
  • Construction Changes - Changes to the Height, Width and/or Depth of the product
  • Accessories - We can add windowed areas. In addition, we can assemble your entire solution with shelves, climate control and other accessories.

This month, our Mod-of-the-Month included the following modifications services:

  • Holes & Cut-outs - We changed the pattern on the VCTPDU to support just one PDU and still provide cable management. 
  • Construction Changes - The VCTPDU was decreased in width and increased in depth. The RASA were changes to include 1U mounting flanges.

Are you interested in this mod for your own project? Would you like to build your own Mod-of-the-Month? Contact us today to speak with a Rack & Cabinet Product Specialist for more information. Click here to contact us.