C2 Doors CDF Series

Exclusively for use with the C2 Cabinet Series


  • Constructed in 16-gauge steel.
  • Easily installs into C2 Series cabinets using integrated spring pin at top and bottom of the door. 
  • Includes formed plastic handle, quarter-turn lock and hinges to mount on the cabinet.
  • Available in Solid, acrylic window and Perforated and Split Perforated options.
  • Finished in textured RAL9005 black or RAL7035 light gray powder paint finish.
  • TAA-compliant for GSA Schedule purchases.
  • RoHS and REACH compliant.
  • Manufactured in North America.


Door Type Part No. Part No. Use with Cabinet
Black RAL 7035 Light Gray Rack Units Height
Solid CDF1935SBK1 CDF1935SLG1 20U 35.00
CDF1942SBK1 CDF1942SLG1 24U 42.00
CDF1949SBK1 CDF1949SLG1 28U 49.00
CDF1956SBK1 CDF1956SLG1 32U 56.00
CDF1963SBK1 CDF1963SLG1 36U 63.00
CDF1970SBK1 CDF1970SLG1 40U 70.00
CDF1978SBK1 CDF1978SLG1 45U 78.75
CDF1985SBK1 CDF1985SLG1 49U 85.75
Louver Vented Door CDF1935LBK1 CDF1935LLG1 20U 35.00
CDF1942LBK1 CDF1942LLG1 24U 42.00
CDF1949LBK1 CDF1949LLG1 28U 49.00
CDF1956LBK1 CDF1956LLG1 32U 56.00
CDF1963LBK1 CDF1963LLG1 36U 63.00
CDF1970LBK1 CDF1970LLG1 40U 70.00
CDF1978LBK1 CDF1978LLG1 45U 78.75
CDF1985LBK1 CDF1985LLG1 49U 85.75
Vented Door CDF1970VBK1 CDF1970VLG1 40U 70.00
CDF1978VBK1 CDF1978VLG1 45U 78.75
Window Door C2DF1935PBK1 Not Available 20U 35.00
C2DF1942PBK1 Not Available 24U 42.00
C2DF1949PBK1 Not Available 28U 49.00
C2DF1956PBK1 Not Available 32U 56.00
C2DF1963PBK1 Not Available 36U 63.00
C2DF1970PBK1 C2DF1970PLG1 40U 70.00
C2DF1978PBK1 Not Available 45U 78.75
C2DF1985PBK1 Not Available 49U 85.75
Vented Window Door CDF1970VPBK1 CDF1970VPLG1 40U 70.00
CDF1978VPBK1 CDF1978VPLG1 45U 78.75

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