Manufacturing Processes

Standard Weight Load Testing

The listed load rating is based on a safety factor of 1.88.

Our load tests are carried out in accordance with North American standards and requirements for the design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members, which are applied to local building codes. An engineering firm audits Hammond every year to verify our engineering processes and documentation.

Paint Process

To provide a high-quality finish, our painting procedure consists of four steps. To ensure we have a minimal impact on the environment while manufacturing long-lasting polymer coating, each process adheres to high quality and environmental requirements.

Paint Codes:

  • BK > Matte Black Finish
  • BK1 > Textured Durable Black Finish
  • BK2 > Semi-Gloss Black Finish
  • BK3 > Sand Textured Black Finish

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Zinc Plating Process

Hammond complies with ASTM B633 (zinc plating)

  • Type V (72 hours of salt spray)
  • Clear Trivalent
  • Rohs compliant
  • SC1 (Mild: 0.0002” min)

Zinc-plated steel is mild steel coated with a thin yet durable layer of zinc covering the product's surface, protecting the steel underneath. Compared to untreated and raw steel, zinc provides higher oxidation protection. In actuality, zinc corrodes at a rate of about 1/30th that of untreated, raw steel.

Note that zinc-plated components will still oxidize when stored in warm, humid conditions. SC1 is suited to interior environments with occasional condensation and only light wear or abrasion. If rust is a concern the material should be painted or replaced with Stainless Steel or Aluminum materials.

Zinc-plated components have improved bonding as there is no insulating coating.

ISO Quality Process

The quality system used by Hammond Manufacturing is ISO 9001:2015. Daily quality checks during the manufacturing process and yearly audits by a third party are required to confirm our compliance with the quality system. Products that are produced in ISO-certified facilities are indicated as such on the product page.

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