Type 12 Modular Dust-Tight Equipment Cabinet C3 Series

Note: This product line has been discontinued as a stocked series. Information is for reference only. For alternative solution assistance, please contact Hammond here or call: USA (716) 630-7030, Canada and International (519) 822-2960.


  • NEMA 12 rated - ideal for use in harsh factory floor situations.
  • Oil resistant gaskets are permanently secured on all openings.
  • Sides and doors (link provided below) are easily removable for easy internal access.
  • Choice of two depths.
  • Unit is shipped as a welded frame only with four (4) leveling feet.
  • Heavy duty 14 gauge welded steel frame.
  • Frame ships with reinforced lifting eyes.
  • Finished in a rugged, beige textured powder paint.
  • Tested to nearly double the suggested load rating of 1,500 lbs.
  • RoHS Compliant.
  • Manufactured in North America.

C3 Frames

Part No. Overall Dimensions Usable Mounting Dimensions Rack Side Panel Tapped 10-32 Square Hole
(Pair) Comination Rail L-Panel Rail
Height Width Depth Height Depth Units Part No. Part No. Part No.
C3F196323CG1 70.31 23.00 23.63 63.06 21.63 36U C3SP6323CG1 CCR63TZPL CPR63SZPL
C3F197023CG1 77.31 23.00 23.63 70.06 21.63 40U C3SP7023CG1 CCR70TZPL CPR70SZPL
C3F197823CG1 86.06 23.00 23.63 78.81 21.63 45U C3SP7823CG1 CCR78TZPL CPR78SZPL
C3F196331CG1 70.31 23.00 31.50 63.06 29.50 36U C3SP6331CG1 CCR63TZPL CPR63SZPL
C3F197031CG1 77.31 23.00 31.50 70.06 29.50 40U C3SP7031CG1 CCR70TZPL CPR70SZPL
C3F197831CG1 86.06 23.00 31.50 78.81 29.50 45U C3SP7831CG1 CCR78TZPL CPR78SZPL

C3 Doors

Solid Door Solid Door Window Door Solid Cover Use with Cabinet Frame
With Handle With Quarter Turn
Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No. Rack Units Height
C3DS1963HCG1 C3DS1963QCG1 C3DS1963PCG1 C3CS1963SCG1 36U 63.00
C3DS1970HCG1 C3DS1970QCG1 C3DS1970PCG1 C3CS1970SCG1 40U 70.00
C3DS1978HCG1 C3DS1978QCG1 C3DS1978PCG1 C3CS1978SCG1 45U 78.75

C3 Accessories

Baying Kit Bottom Plinth Bottom Plinth Caster Kit Use with Cabinet Frame
Beige Black Beige
Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No. Rack Units Height Depth
C3JK6323 CPL19423BK1 CPL19423CG1 C3CRS19 36U 63.00 23.63
C3JK7023 CPL19423BK1 CPL19423CG1 C3CRS19 40U 70.00 23.63
C3JK7823 CPL19423BK1 CPL19423CG1 C3CRS19 45U 78.75 23.63
C3JK6331 CPL19431BK1 CPL19431CG1 C3CRS19 36U 63.00 31.50
C3JK7031 CPL19431BK1 CPL19431CG1 C3CRS19 40U 70.00 31.50
C3JK7831 CPL19431BK1 CPL19431CG1 C3CRS19 45U 78.75 31.50

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