Colocation Server Rack Cabinet CLC Series

UL 2416 Rated 3,000 lbs|1,361 kg Weight Capacity

The Co-location Rack Cabinet System from Hammond features four (4) different bay configurations and several roof options. Whether you are leasing the space or want to restrict access to sections of your cabinet, the Hammond CLC Series is loaded with innovative features.


  • Constructed of 14-gauge welded steel frame; 16-gauge doors and side panel.
    • Where applicable, the divider shelves are constructed of reinforced 16-gauge steel. The shelves are designed to support the most robust of equipment such as tower servers.
  • One single frame allows multiple bay configurations. Mounting space includes:
  • Standard available configurations available in 36”, 42” and 48" depths.
  • Compatible with containment system and cable trough accessories.
  • UL Listed 2416 for up to 3,000 lbs (1,361 kg) static load rating.
  • Finished in rugged textured black powder paint.
  • TAA Compliant.
  • RoHS Compliant.
  • Manufactured in North America.

Included Components

  • One (1) Welded Cabinet Frame with Top/Bottom Cable Entry Slots.
  • Two (2) Pairs Per Bay - EIA 44U Adjustable Depth Square Hole Rails.
  • One (1) Removable Side Panel (with 1/4 turn latches). Additional panel, sold separately.
  • Two (2) Low-Profile 4-Pin combination lock with key override (per bay).
    • Also compatible with electronic locking options.
  • Vented Bay Divider shelf with rear removable panels for vertical PDU installation.
  • Side Cable Pass-Thru Knockouts.
  • Leveling Feet.
  • Starter pack of 10-32 Screws and Cage Nuts.

Note: Cabinet top panels are NOT included and are sold separately.
(See table below)

PCI Compliancy

The CLC series is PCI-Compliant when:

  • Multiple cabinets are connected together and/or the open side is closed in using the appropriate side panel (listed in accessory table below).
  • The Cable manager security plates CLCCMSP are installed.
  • The Cable manager security covers CLCCMSC are installed.



Cabinet Assemblies (Top Panel Not Included)

Part No. Overall Dimensions Rack Units Mounting Dimensions
Height Width Depth Per Bay Height (Per Bay) Width Depth
CLC2B36BK 2-Bay 83.02 24.00 36.00 21U 37.88 19.00 34.13
CLC2B42BK 2-Bay 83.02 24.00 42.00 21U 37.88 19.00 40.13
CLC2B48BK 2-Bay 83.02 24.00 48.00 21U 37.88 19.00 46.13
CLC3B36BK 3-Bay 83.02 24.00 36.00 14U 24.75 19.00 34.13
CLC3B42BK 3-Bay 83.02 24.00 42.00 14U 24.75 19.00 40.13
CLC3B48BK 3-Bay 83.02 24.00 48.00 14U 24.75 19.00 46.13
CLC4B36BK 4-Bay 83.02 24.00 36.00 10U 18.19 19.00 34.13
CLC4B42BK 4-Bay 83.02 24.00 42.00 10U 18.19 19.00 40.13
CLC4B48BK 4-Bay 83.02 24.00 48.00 10U 18.19 19.00 46.13

Optional Cabinet Components

Use with Solid Brush Gasket Kit Solid 8x Brushed Entry
with Center Opening
4x Brushed Entry
with Rear Opening
Single Solid
Frame Bottom Panel for Bottom Panel Top Panel Top Panel Top Panel Side Panel
Depth Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No.

CLC Specific Accessories

Part No. Description
CLCCMSP Cable manager security plate (includes 12 plates, 54 screws, 1 hex key)
CLCCMSC Cable manager security cover (includes 2 covers, 4 screws, 1 hex key)
CLRHHNG Right-hand door hinge kit.
CLCTRAY Cable Tray works as a top cable tray and hides cables view.
CLHAN-01 Replacement Combination Lock Handle
GKIT Cabinet Baying/Ganging/Joining Kit
C4K-Z4 Cabinet Bolt-Down Kit.

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