Colocation Server Rack Cabinet CLC Series

UL 2416 Rated 3,000 lbs|1,361 kg Weight Capacity

A&E Specification

EIA compliant 19”rack cabinet shall be Hammond Manufacturing, CLC Series, part number CLC_B__BK (refer to table). Rack cabinet shall be assembled according to bay configuration (refer to table) with a welded frame. Overall dimensions shall be 24” W x 83.02” H x __” D (refer to table), with a useable rack height of __ rack spaces (refer to table). Weight capacity shall be UL rated for up to 3000 lbs static load. Useable depth shall be __” (refer to table). Frame shall be 14-gauge steel. Doors and side panel shall be 16-gauge steel. Rack cabinet shall have adjustable depth EIA compliant square hole mounting rails (tapped 10-32 rails shall be available upon request). Rack cabinet shall be phosphate pre-treated and finished in textured black powder coat paint (white upon request). Rack cabinet top shall include removable panel and provisions for containment system and cable trough accessories. Vertical cable managers shall be able to be installed either top or bottom. Rack cabinet shall be designed to accommodate sliding rail mount kit on servers. Rack cabinet shall have 4-pin combination lock doors with key override. Front and rear doors shall be perforated. Vented shelves shall include rear removable panels for vertical PDU installations. CLC series shall be PCI-Compliance capable with correct configuration. Rack cabinet shall be UL listed in the US and Canada to the UL-2416 (NWIN) Category. Rack cabinet shall comply with the requirements towards RoHS EU Directive 2011/65/EU. Rack cabinet shall be manufactured by an ISO 9001 registered company.