4-Post Open Frame Rack DC4R Series

2,000 lbs (907 kg) Weight Capacity

The Hammond DC4R Open Rack series is one of the most economical solutions to house IT equipment in wiring closets or data centers. In situations where the wiring closet itself is under lock and key and accessed by a limited number of people, full cabinets having locking doors and side panels may not be required resulting in a significant cost savings. If you're building a Homelab the DC4R24 is ideal.

Standard Features: 

  • Available in 24U and 44U
  • Two (2) pairs of 19” mounting EIA compliant square-hole rails.
    • Ships with a 50-pack of screws and cage nuts CAGKIT1032-50
    • Includes marked rack unit dividers to aid in equipment mounting.
  • For 44U height, add optional third or fourth pair of rails DC4RPR44 to provide additional adjustable mounting depths.
  • Optional solid side panels gives you the look, feel and security of a welded cabinet.
  • Four (4) pairs of integrated 10-32 ground studs, at both the front and rear of the rack. Stud pairs are conveniently spaced 5/8” apart and located across from each other inside the rail channel. For added convenience, two (2) pairs are located near the top of the rack, while the others are near the bottom of the rack. 
  • Rail depth L-bracket restrict the installer from over-extending the rack. This ensures the integrity of the rack.
  • Self-squaring design for a short assembly time.
  • One (1) set of two (2) horizontal cable manager bars. Additional cable manager bars available by ordering part number DC4RSHCM.
  • Knockdown design ships unassembled for easy handling and shipping protection.


  • Constructed of 12-gauge steel.
  • Finished in smooth RAL9005 black powder paint.
  • Suggested static load capacity of 2,000 lbs (907 kg).
  • TAA compliant for GSA Schedule purchases.
  • RoHS and REACH Compliant.
  • Manufactured in North America within an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility.

Looking for threaded holes? You can use any pair (2) of our RB-2P, RB-2PA, DNRRHDW or DRZ4 rack series; along with two (2) RAAB to create a cost-effective threaded 4-post rack.



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Adjustable Depth

Part No. Overall Dimensions Rack Mounting Dimensions Solid Side Panel (single)
Height Width Units Height Width Min Depth Max Depth
DC4R24 48.12 20.50 24U 42.00 19.00 24.00 36.00 DC4R2436SP
DC4R44 83.13 20.50 44U 77.00 19.00 24.00 36.00 DC4R4436SP
DC4R4448 83.13 20.50 44U 77.00 19.00 32.00 48.00 DC4R4448SP

Fixed Depth

Part No. Overall Dimensions Rack Mounting Dimensions Optional Solid
Height Width Depth Units Height Width Depth Side Panel (single)
DC4R4429F 83.13 20.50 29.00 44U 77.00 19.00 29.00 DC4R4436SP
DC4R4436F 83.13 20.50 36.00 44U 77.00 19.00 36.00 DC4R4436SP
DC4R4442F 83.13 20.50 42.00 44U 77.00 19.00 42.00 DC4R4448SP

DC4R Specific Accessories

Part No. Description
DC4RSHCM Additional Horizontal Cable Bars (2)
DC4RPR44 Additional pair of rails for DC4R 44U
RRLDCASTER 800 lbs capacty locking casters
RRHDCASTER 2,000 lbs capacty locking casters

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