Mechanical Interlock MIKIT Series


  • Designed to mechanically interlock doors on 2 door cabinets featuring handles (not clamps) and a center-post design. Cam on slave door held in place until Master door opened. Either door can be made master door with this kit.
  • Ideal for use with Hammond series that do not include a mechanical interlock as standard.
  • Can be installed on HN4FM (mild or stainless steel), HN4WM (mild or stainless steel), and HN4FS 2 door units (mild or stainless steel).


  • Does not compromise approval rating of enclosure.


  • Kit includes: Base plate, spring, right and left slave bracket (user chooses appropriate), mounting hardware
  • Formed from 10 gauge 304 stainless steel
  • Finish is unpainted
Part No. MIKIT

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Tags: 1422N4, HN4WM, HN4FM, HN4FS, interlock, mechanical, door, spring