15-150 W Heater SHG Series


  • Designed to provide enclosed electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical equip­ment with protection from low temperatures, condensation and corrosion.
  • The PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) heater unit maintains a stable temperature environment within enclosures, allowing critical components to perform with consistent reliability for longer periods.
  • Push connectors for quick and easy wiring
  • Used in combination with Normally Closed Thermostat or Humidistat


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Part No. Watts¹ Max. Current² L
SHG14000 15W 1.1A 2.60
SHG14001 30W 1.2A 2.60
SHG14003 45W 1.8A 2.60
SHG14005 60W 2.5A 5.50
SHG14006 75W 4.5A 5.50
SHG14007 100W 5.0A 5.50
SHG14008 150W 7.5A 8.70
Operating Voltage: AC 110- - 250 V
Heating Element: PTC resistor, self regulating surface temperature
Heating Body: Anodized extruded aluminum
Connection: Push-type terminals for stranded and solid wire 3 x AWG 20 AWG 16 (0.5 - 1.5 mm2
Mounting: Easily installed by clip mounting on 35 mm DIN rails (included)
Protection Class: I, test voltage 1600 V
Protection: IP20
Approval: UL Recognized Component, cUL Recognized Component, CE

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