ABS Plastic Instrument Enclosures RM Series

Key Features:

  • Designed to house P.C. boards - for instrument use.
  • Molded in light grey or translucent black general purpose ABS plastic with a light texture (front & rear panels are smooth). Material carries a UL flammability rating of UL94 HB.
  • Two-part clam shell construction. Bottom half includes molded in standoffs for easy P.C. board installation. Larger enclosures also include P.C. board standoffs on the top half (see photo tables for details). Four short M3 screws included
  • Front & rear panels are interchangeable and easily removable for modifications.
  • Tongue and groove construction provides protection against dust & water. Designed to meet IP43.
  • Includes two (or four) assembly screws (depending on size).
  • All units except the RM2015S and RM2055S are secured with M3 Philips machine screws, threaded into integral brass bushings. Perfect for applications when repetitive assembly and disassembly are required. The RM2015S and RM2055S use self tapping Philips screws.
  • Options include replacement IR translucent or aluminum panels.


Assembled View

Internal View

Internal View

Folding Foot Kit

  • Kit consists of two (2) enclosure brackets, two (2) mounting screws & two (2) hinged feet
  • Mounts to the bottom half - towards the front of the enclosure
  • Allows angled view of enclosure front panel
  • Part Number: FT-01
Part Number Part Number
Beige Translucent Black Length Width Enclosure Depth (Assembled)
RM2005S RM2005STBK 4.13 3.15 0.98
RM2005M RM2005MTBK 4.13 3.15 1.30
RM2005L RM2005LTBK 4.13 3.15 1.57
RM2015S 5.12 3.94 1.18
RM2015M 5.12 3.94 1.97
RM2015L 5.12 3.94 2.76
RM2055S 7.48 5.51 1.18
RM2055M 7.48 5.51 1.97
RM2055L 7.48 5.51 2.76
RM2095S 9.84 7.09 1.97
RM2095M 9.84 7.09 2.95
RM2095L 9.84 7.09 3.94

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